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The Love Revolution is Here!

The movement and creative community deserves a space of peace and power.
The Care Space Project has been developed to support revolutionary work and radical creativity – to revitalize organizers and movement artists.

The Care Space Project

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We align with the

Ubuntu Freedom Principles


We are:

Anti-Colonialist | Anti-Imperialist | Anti-Racist | Anti-Homophobic | Anti-Ageist | Anti-Ableist | Anti-Sexist | Anti-Classist | Anti-Poverty | Anti-Hoarding | Anti-Oppression | Anti-White Supremacy 


Pro-Black | Pro-Brown | Pro-Pronouns | Pro-Women | Pro-Trans | Pro-Gender  Nonconforming | Pro-Men | Pro-Identity | Pro-Growth | Pro-Unity | Pro-Intersectional | Pro-Self Determination | Pro-Community | Pro-Planet

Organizer Care

The community must come together to embody our deep love, not just to fight. Care Spaces have hosted community dinners, self care events, and celebrations. We focus on building spaces immersed in nature, and host regular natural activities including hikes and foraging. We invite service providers and organizations to offer their products and services.

Respite & Creativity

Organizers and movement artists can stay in one of our lovely, cozy rooms at no cost. Those living in and visiting the area who need a relaxing change of environment or a place to be creative or to focus on a project can enjoy the beautiful serenity found in a care space. 

Raising Consciousness

We host retreats and meetings to support strategizing, planning, and training. We support arts projects that speak to revolution and healing. As appropriate we use care spaces for events to engage community around important issues, and to not only call folk to action, but to develop and offer clear liberatory tactics.

Growth & Healing

We host small workshops, meet and greets, and community activities centering health, healing and restoration. Service Providers such as acupuncturists, talk and massage therapists, yoga instructors, and naturopaths are invited to become a part of our solidarity network of care. 

Join The CAREvolution

Become a Conductor!

Freedom Fighter, Revolutionary, Liberator, Freedom Builder, Organizer, Comrade… these titles will resonate with everyone who participates in the Care Space Project. This network of spaces providing safe respite has as its foundation the paths of quilombos, maroons, runaway slaves, and the network that we know as the Underground Railroad. Those who will guide The Care Space Project’s development and progress are our Conductors. Conductors are representatives of Organizations, Groups and Campaigns that hold liberatory work and are Member Owners.

The Care Space Project is a member owned cooperative. Members Owners are revolutionary organizations committed to Peace, Freedom, and Justice for all, and the fight to achieve it. We are a global community. We know each other, we love each other, and we fight together for each other. Ubuntu⇔ Freedom incubated The Care Space Project to belong to the collective of Liberators and Freedom Builders. In addition to providing long term guidance and direction to the project through Conductors, Member Owner Organizations refer both the comrades who use Care Spaces and the Caretakers who provide service and space – an important part of the vetting process. Become a member organization, and enjoy embodying our principles through the Care Space Project.

Become A Caretaker!

The Care Space Project is an embodiment of mutual aid. A key part of this project is the solidarity network that provides the spaces and services of care. We invite people to share their properties, land, products and services with organizers as an act of reparations, restoration, and transformative justice. We recognize the added burden that is carried by our organizers, who take on the responsibility of confronting and dismantling oppressive and violent systems and building new and just systems and communities. This is undertaken at great personal sacrifice, and so we provide this opportunity to care for them. As a member of our solidarity network, you will also have opportunities to learn more about the role of mutual aid and solidarity on the path to the free world we are nurturing, and to compassionately identify, unpack, and deconstruct oppressive ways of thinking and being within yourself. You will have opportunity to learn more from and about the member organizations, and to become a part of our exciting, liberatory work!