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Guidelines and Expectations


  • We will be very explicit and careful to vet all parties. This way, neither Hosts nor Guests will have to implement a vetting process.

    • Comrades who will be using the service will be referred through their organization. The organization will take responsibility for their referred members

    • Hosts spaces and services will be visited/reviewed by a Caretaker. 

    • Hosts and Comrades will also attend an orientation.

  • All Hosts and Guests will be subject to a Care Space Agreement before becoming a part of the Care Space community.

  • All Community Members must review and align with the Ubuntu Freedom Principles of Freedom and embody them when participating in the Care Space Project.

  • The Standard Stay is between 2 and 14 days, with exceptions to be discussed case by case.


  • Align with Ubuntu Freedom Principles of Freedom

  • Hosts should honor accepted reservations and provide a reliable, easy to understand check-in experience.

    • Cancellations: Hosts should not cancel confirmed reservations, unless there are urgent circumstances beyond the Host’s control. If a cancellation is unavoidable, Hosts should do their best to cancel with as much lead time as possible.

  • Hosts or a representative of the host should be available to respond to guest inquiries or unexpected issues that may come up before and during their stay.

  • Ensure the room has been reset by the previous guest.

  • Be comfortable with people being in your space and you being more hands off unless they request it.

  • Recognize that there are cultural differences that create a range of standards and expectations, and be comfortable with receiving direction to create a comfortable atmosphere for the guests.


  • Align with Ubuntu Freedom Principles of Freedom

  • Model the Ubuntu Principles and African centered values of community and care

  • Reset the space for the next guest, leaving it better than you found it in some loving way.

    • A note of love for the next person

    • A small token of care

  • Treat the space as if it was your own – or better!

  • Respect the approved number of guests and do not bring visitors.

  • Check in time is 4pm, Check out time is 3pm – giving the Guest time to reset the room for the next guest.

  • Quiet Hours are from 9pm to 9am. Keep music, voices, etc at a reasonable, considerate volume during these hours.

  • Don’t take anything from the host space that was not offered to you.

  • Clean behind yourself. Leave no dishes, if the bathroom is private, tidy that for the next guest, leave the Care Space neat and orderly, put trash in designated trash receptacles and be mindful of excessive amounts of trash.

  • If an issue arises or damage is caused, we expect guests to inform Hosts as soon as possible and work with the Host to find an equitable solution. Guests are expected to pay reasonable requests for reimbursement if they’re responsible for damage, missing items, or unexpected cleaning costs. Such actions without accountability is cause for removal from the Care Space Community.

  • No smoking inside or near entrances. Be cognizant also of open windows, dispose of butts properly and NOT ON THE GROUND.

  • Do not litter at all.

  • The default standard is no pets, exceptions can be made through communication with the host. Do NOT bring pets or service animals without communication with the host.

  • No film or photography or other use of the property for public or commercial use of any kind.

The Care Space Project is fiscally sponsored by the Federation of Neighborhood Centers

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The Love Revolution is Here!

The movement and creative community deserves a space of peace and power. The Care Space Project has been developed to support revolutionary work and radical creativity, to revitalize organizers and movement artists.


The Care Space Project is:

Anti-Colonialist | Anti-Imperialist | Anti-Racist | Anti-Homophobic | Anti-Ageist | Anti-Ableist | Anti-Sexist | Anti-Classist | Anti-Poverty | Anti-Hoarding | Anti-Oppression | Anti-White Supremacy 


Pro-Black | Pro-Brown | Pro-Pronouns | Pro-Women | Pro-Trans | Pro-Gender  Nonconforming | Pro-Identity | Pro-Growth | Pro-Unity | Pro-Intersectional | Pro-Self Determination | Pro-Community | Pro-Planet

Organizer Care

The community must come together to embody our deep love, not just to fight. Care Spaces have hosted community dinners, self care events, and celebrations. We focus on building spaces immersed in nature, and host regular natural activities including hikes and foraging. We invite service providers and organizations to offer their products and services.

Respite & Creativity

Organizers and movement artists can stay in one of our lovely, cozy rooms at no cost. Those living in and visiting the area who need a relaxing change of environment or a place to be creative or to focus on a project can enjoy the beautiful serenity found in a care space. 

Raising Consciousness

We host retreats and meetings to support strategizing, planning, and training. We support arts projects that speak to revolution and healing. As appropriate we use care spaces for events to engage community around important issues, and to not only call folk to action, but to develop and offer clear liberatory tactics.

Growth & Healing

We host small workshops, meet and greets, and community activities centering health, healing and restoration. Service Providers such as acupuncturists, talk and massage therapists, yoga instructors, and naturopaths are invited to become a part of our solidarity network of care.